A highlight of the evening will be tributes to outgoing chairs led by past leader Michael Greenberg.


Ms. Finestone was first elected Chair of Federation in 2019 and served two consecutive terms.  Her term was marked by major world events, growth in Federation assets, and activities, and a complete shutdown of the community due to COVID.  Due to Cindy’s extensive business background (she is a retired CPA), calm demeaner and steadfast focus she was the right person to lead our community through the unexpected ups and downs. 


“Looking back over the last four years it’s amazing to think of what we faced.  COVID caused a complete shift in mindset and priorities and our Federation stepped up in a big way to ensure our Jewish community had the resources it needed.  During that same time we were undertaking a major campaign to build the endowment assets of the Wendy and Avron Fogelman Jewish Family Service – an agency that would become more relevant and needed than ever!”  Ms. Finestone further reflected on other major events that marked her chairmanship, including the outbreak of war in Ukraine that again put our Federation in the center of connecting our local community to the needs of Jewish families in Ukraine. “It was heartwarming to see how our community came together, as we always do, when there are global Jewish needs.  We raised $500,000 to support our overseas partners.”


“And through all of these major happenings, we continued to support the critical infrastructure of our Jewish community through actions and through dollars.” Ms. Finestone cited the formation of task forces and committees to focus on important community issues such as security, teen mental health, engagement, senior services and addressing the rise in antisemitism. 


Although Ms. Finestone is ending her term as Chair of Memphis Jewish Federation, she is representing our community on the board of Jewish Federations of North America where she serves on the audit and finance committees. 


“It has been an honor to serve my community.  I look forward to supporting Scott Notowich as he takes on the Chairmanship of Memphis Jewish Federation.”


Life-long Memphian Scott Vogel is a well-known Jewish community leader having served numerous roles across the community leading up to his chairmanship of Jewish Community Partners.  Elected two years ago as the 4th Chair in the history of the organization, Mr. Vogel served at a critical time during the history of JCP. 


“JCP is still evolving as a management organization,” said Vogel in reflecting on his term as chair. “We did a complete analysis of our governance structure at the start of my term, carving out specific roles and responsibilities for JCP as the back office operating arm of our community. We brought on outstanding leadership to our executive commtitee all with expertise they were willing to share to help lead our organization.”  Mr. Vogel also referred to a recent analysis conducted by the organization’s audit team to identify process improvements and applauded the staff for taking on several key recommendations such as documenting internal processes and procedures.  


Mr. Vogel ends his term as chair having played an integral role in the overall management of JCP, all with an eye on creating operating efficiencies for its managed organizations. “As I end my term, I think of the past leaders whose vision resulted in the creation of JCP.  I think we’ve come a long way in the 8 years of our existence.  I look forward to supporting Marty Kelman as he takes over the reins.”