7 2016

Early Childhood Educators of Reform Judaism

9:00AM - 11:59PM  

Peabody Memphis Hotel 149 Union Avenue
Memphis, TN 38103

Contact Amy Damast
908-273-4921 x31

$ Cost $ 550.00

Join us for workshops with Rabbi Gary Zola from the American Jewish Archives (Golden Threads Linking the Generations: American Jews and Their Ethical Writs), Rabbi Micah Lapidus from the Davis Academy in Atlanta (Giving Voice to the Spirit), Rabbis Micah Greenstein and Katie Bauman from Temple Israel in Memphis (civil rights and ethical action), and Cantor Mark Horowitz from the JCC Association (writing a legacy letter or ethical will). Also, participate in beautiful prayer experiences with early childhood Jewish education professionals from across the country, lead by Shira Kline.

Sponsor: Union for Reform Judaism's ECE-RJ