22 2017

"About The Oranges" - A Solo Play by Robbie Gringras

6:00PM - 10:00PM  

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A man arrives late for a job interview. Very late. 35 days late. He is a candidate for the job of aliyah shaliach (a recruiter for Israeli immigration) - he must persuade the panel (the audience) why he would be successful in encouraging Jews to emigrate to Israel, but also explain why he was tragically late...

"Stripped down the Middle East conflict to its essentials: pain and comedy" - The Guardian

*Appropriate for High School and Above

A challenging and heavy hitting call to remain proudly zionistic while honestly confronting our own narrative understanding of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

Runtime: approx 70 min.

Show followed by a guided conversation, and workshop/discussion with Robbie Gringras, creative director for Makom in Israel and the MJCC 2017 Israeli Artist in Residence.