10 2016

Yom Hazikaron (Israeli Remembrance Day) Ceremony and Film

7:00PM - 9:00PM  

Memphis JCC Belz Social Hall 6560 Poplar Avenue
Memphis, TN 38138

Contact Heather Kufert Blake

Join us for a Yom Hazikaron (Israeli Remambrance Day) ceremony and film . We will watch Follow Me: The Yoni Netanyahu Story. This moving film takes you through the life of Yoni Netanyahu from a young child to his death at the age of 30 as Lieutenant Colonel on Operation Entebbe. Featuring interviews with three Israeli Prime Ministers (including brother Bibi Netanyahu), Yoni’s ex-wife, and recently released audio from the Entebbe operation itself—–Follow Me brings a rare portrait of Israel’s elite soldiers and their greatest hero to the big screen.

This program is part of the Morris and Mollye Fogelman Israel Week. Free and open to the community.