20 2016

Young Israel Puts The "Thanks" in Thanksgiving

10:30AM - 12:00PM  

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Thanksgiving is a wonderful time to stop and say "Thank you" to some very important people whom we don't often pause to recognize -- our local firefighters. After all, rather than spending Thanksgiving at home with family and friends, those hard-working heroes will be on duty keeping our neighborhood safe.

Sharing some Shul-made pumpkin pies with our local firefighters this Thanksgiving will be a great way to express our appreciation to them.

Part One:
This Sunday, 11/20 -- following YIOM's Chinuch Minyan at 10:30am we'll prepare and bake six pumpkin pies together

Part Two:
On Thanksgiving morning, Thursday, 11/24 at 10:30am, we'll deliver YIOM's pumpkin pies to our firefighters (Fire Station 21 -- just next door to Kroger on S. Mendenhall Rd), say "Thank you", and we'll check out their trucks and equipment