Community Impact

Whether you are making a contribution to the Annual Community Campaign or to a special one-time campaign established by Federation, you want to be sure your donation dollars are used effectively and efficiently. That’s why Federation’s work goes far beyond fundraising.

Committed to maximizing the impact of every dollar raised, the Community Impact Department works closely with other Federation departments, as well as local and overseas partners, to: 


  • Understand the agencies, synagogues, schools and organizations that serve our Jewish community
  • Recognize and address new and emerging needs within the Jewish and general communities – including the impact on the institutions serving those needs
  • Build bridges of cooperation between organizations and communities, resulting in the efficient sharing of resources and information
  • Allocate resources from the Annual Community Campaign to the organizations and programs that most effectively serve the community’s greatest needs


With so many important matters to be discussed and so many vital decisions to be made, the Community Impact Department plays a pivotal role in the daily successes of our Jewish community.