Israel and Overseas


Jewish Community Partners maintains steadfast support for Israel and all Jewish communities across the globe. Our overseas partners-- The Joint Distribution Committee, The Jewish Agency for Israel, and World ORT-- are there to ensure these communities receive the support they need.


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Memphis-Shoham Partnership


In November 2016, the Memphis Jewish community launched a partnership with the city of Shoham in Israel as part of of the Partnership2Gether Peoplehood Platform (P2G), a program of our overseas partner JAFI (Jewish Agency for Israel).


Learn more about how the partnership is establishing deep and meaningful people-to-people relationships between our two communities.


70 Faces of Memphis and Shoham


Shoham Visits Memphis

JCP joined dozens of Jewish organizations around the world join in signing a letter to U.S. senators to pass the Burma Human Rights and Freedom Act of 2017. Passing this legislation through your committee and the full Senate would send a powerful message to the Burmese military and the global community that the United States will not be silent or inactive in the face of mass atrocities. Read the letter here