The Kay Usdan Saslawsky Institute for Ethical Leadership

Spring Leadership Series 2020

Moderated by Rachel Shankman

Session 1: Rolling Out the Red Carpet

Featuring Marjorie Hass

January 14, 2020

Rhodes College Hyde Hall of the Refectory

7:45-9:15 am


Session 2: Motivating a Team

Featuring Dr. Scott Morris

February 20, 2020

Crosstown Concourse

7:45-9:15 am


Session 3: Living an Authentic Story

Featuring Virginia Murphy

March 9, 2020

MJCC Gallery

7:45-9:15 am


Session 4: Building Trusted Partnerships

Featuring Leslie Smith

April 1, 2020

MJCC Board Room

Kay Usdan Saslawsky, of blessed memory, was optimistic and supportive, inspiring and accomplished, a consensus builder and respectful of others. She was an ethical leader who set the standards for leadership in the Memphis Jewish community as well as in the broader community.


In her memory, Jewish Community Partners offers this leadership development opportunity as a carefully curated 4-part series for busy professionals who hold leadership roles in the Memphis Jewish community. We hope to build a leadership pipeline to ensure the sustainability of the community.


Participants will network with fellow Jewish community leaders over breakfast, receive high-quality training in relevant leadership development topics, and engage with each other on a deeper level through community-building exercises and Jewish text studies.


Each 90-minute session will focus on a practical skill necessary for effective leadership and relevant for leaders in all local Jewish agencies.