Lions Celebrating Women in Volunteer Leadership

We have many women across our Jewish community who have risen in the ranks of communal leadership. We have recognized and honored 6 women so far – with many more to come. The criteria for recognition is the following: 1) she is a volunteer leader, 2) has reached the highest level of an organization in our Memphis community.


As a gift of recognition to each of the women honored we will sponsor an event (e.g. Kiddush, oneg, reception, specific needs for a school, meals to seniors, etc.) at their organization. In order to cover these expenses, we have created a fund called “Lions Celebrating Women in Volunteer Leadership”.


To those of you who have already contributed to this fund – thank you.  If you have not contributed and would like to do so, please consider a gift of $18.00. If every Lion contributes we will have enough funds to honor and recognize the remaining women for this year as well at other women in the future. 


Thank you!

Alla Lubin, Co-Chair 2020 Lion of Judah


Lions in Leadership committee:

Melanie Fine, Jill Notowich, Stacy Vogel, Molly Wexler