PJ Library


PJ Library is a national program that sends Jewish children a free, age-appropriate, Jewish-themed book or music each month to children up to 8 years old. Memphis is part of more than 250 participating communities.


PJ Library also has programs throughout the year for young Jewish Families. Follow us on Facebook to learn more!


Created by The Harold Grinspoon Foundation (HGF),  PJ Library is funded by local philanthropists Billie and Joe Pierce and Barbara and Earl Magdovitz, and by your gifts to Memphis Jewish Federation in partnership with HGF.


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PJ Our Way: The Next Chapter


People often ask what comes after PJ Library. We're proud to announce that now that answer is PJ Our Way


PJ Our Way is kids ages 9-11. It is kid-driven--they choose their own books, creating a totally tailored experience based their own interests and reading level. To make the choice easier, our website includes summaries and author bios, along with ratings, reviews, and video trailers created by members themselves. Kids can also take polls and quizzes, participate in monthly interviews and challenges, post their own reviews or videos, and comment on blog posts. 


The PJ Our Way site is a completely safe and moderated space, perfect for acclimating older kids to using the web independently. It even has a parent blog, where you can read about the books on offer for your child, and find family discussion questions for each book. You can also find out what values or topics are covered, as well as any content advisories you or your child should know before choosing a book.


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Sundays S'mores Self Care

This October 2021 program explored the Jewish value of Shalom Bayit- Peace in the Home.

Jack Cohen, the 1-year-old son of Andrea and Ted Cohen, became the 1,000th Memphis child to enroll in PJ Library. Will your child or grandchild be the next to sign up?


Contact (901)-767-7100

What does PJ stand for?

Pajamas! We know those special times of reading, dancing and singing together happen when your children are wearing their pajamas.

Who is eligible to register?

A family must have children from 6 months to 11 years old with one Jewish parent in the household and currently reside in Memphis.

What’s the cost?

PJ Library is free when your child is enrolled in the program due to our generous local donors.