26 2013

Israel AgTech Investment Road Show: Innovations addressing global challenge

8:00AM - 10:00AM  

Memphis BioWorks 20 South Dudley, First Floor Conference Center
Memphis, TN 38103

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The Mofet Venture Accelerator is one of Israel's leading high-tech business incubators. As part of the Trendlines Group, Israel's leading seed-stage investment group, Mofet's vision is to create and develop businesses to improve the human condition with an emphasis on solving the global food and water crises. The focus on agricultural and food technologies stems from the fact that Israel offers a superior knowledge base and unique R&D resources to fill a necessary global gap. Attendees will receive on overview on why Israel is leading in the agriculture technology sector that is so important to the Memphis regional economy, and will have the opportunity to meet with the CEOS to learn about opportunities to get involved with them, through investments and partnerships, as they approach the US market.

Featuring Steve Rhodes
The Trendlines Group
Mofet Venture Accelerator

No cost to participate but you must register by April 22nd

Complimentary parking is available in the Memphis Bioworks parking garage at the corner of Union Ave. and Dudley.