Rhodes College Jewish Community Fellowship

Rhodes College is pleased to make available five $10,000 merit scholarships to students who participate in Jewish life in their communities across the United States. 


Students must apply to Rhodes College either Early Decision by November 1 or Early Action by November 15, be offered admission for the following semester, and choose to enroll at Rhodes. The scholarship application requires a cover letter, resume, and 500-word essay. JCP has convened an evaluation committee, which will review all applications and make recommendations to Rhodes based on each applicant’s participation in Jewish life, service to the community, and essay. The online application and essay prompt are available here.


Fellowship applications will be reviewed by Jewish Community Partners (JCP) of Memphis and JCP will recommend applicants to Rhodes based on their participation in Jewish life and service and based on the responses to an essay prompt. A cover letter, a resume, and a 500-word essay will be required for the JCP recommendation. The essay prompt can be found below.


Recommended students will be considered for admission and scholarship to Rhodes on a competitive basis. Students winning scholarship recognition will receive a Jewish Community Fellowship from Rhodes of $10,000 renewable for up to three years.


Fellowship awardees are expected to become active in Jewish life at Rhodes and to fulfill the following requirements:

  • Assume a leadership role at Hillel of Rhodes
  • Write an article about Jewish life at Rhodes for print and electronic distribution
  • Make a presentation about Jewish life at Rhodes at a Jewish Community Partners board meeting



Essay Prompt:


We live in an increasingly complicated world. How does your involvement in Jewish life influence the way you foresee accomplishing Rhodes’ vision of “graduating students with a life-long passion for learning, a compassion for others, and the ability to translate academic study and personal concern into effective leadership and action in their communities and the world?”