One loss of life is to destroy the world entire- we believe this as Jews. And to save one life is to save the world entire.


While Jews represent less than 2% of the population, the very ugly statistic is that almost 60% of faith-based hate attacks target Jews, which is why security is and must remain at the forefront of the collective mind of the leadership of the Memphis Jewish Federation and all of our community institutions. Federation and Secure Communities Network’s partnership was the first of its kind in Jewish communities nationwide, and in fact among all faith-based communities. We can be proud of how far we’ve come, from a wide-open community with little to no security infrastructure or preparedness to truly being a model community and an example for others around the country.

Amanda Braswell joined Jewish Community Partners in 2021 as Regional Security Advisor.


Her primary responsibilities include keeping our Jewish community safe through training and education, threat vulnerability assessments, and acting as a police liaison. Prior to joining JCP, Amanda worked as a police detective for 21 years. In her free time, she enjoys being with her two children, cooking, sewing, and crocheting.


“My goal is to keep Jewish Memphis safe and secure, while also keeping up to date with the latest intelligence and threat assessments from around the globe,” said Amanda.


Contact Amanda

(901) 767-8522