Training Descriptions



Online Safety

This class will share information about keeping you and your data safe online. Information about phishing, identifying scams as well as tactics to protect yourself will be shared. Leave the training session with tools and information that will help you in securing your information on line.



BeAware, SCN's Introduction to Situational Awareness Course, is meant to provide participants with an improved ability to recognize suspicious behavior and criminal activity, guidance on how to report it, and strategies to protect themselves and others from violence.


Topics Covered:


· Enhancing situational awareness;

· Identifying safety and security threats;

· Recognizing and reporting suspicious activity;

· Learning how to be an active participant in the safety of your community.



Counteracting Active Threat Training (CATT) is a comprehensive training program to counter an active threat event developed for faith-based institutions and Houses of Worship. 


After completion of the course, you will:


· Know the difference between security and safety;

· Have a better understanding of Active Threat incidents;

· Identify and explain modes of action during an active shooter incident: RUN, HIDE, FIGHT;

· Understand how to prepare for an Active Threat event;

· Know how to respond to law enforcement’s arrival;

· Be able to commit to action during an Active Threat event.