Nina Katz and Memphis Holocaust Survivors

Legacy Sculpture

A passionate advocate of and tireless activist for Holocaust awareness both in Memphis and beyond, Holocaust survivor Nina Katz devoted many years to speaking about her personal experience and the Holocaust in general to diverse audiences across the racial, religious and demographic spectrums. After her death, the Holocaust Memorial Committee of Memphis Jewish Federation decided that it wanted to do something that would memorialize Nina and, at the same time, honor all Memphis Holocaust survivors. 


Under the leadership of Marty Kelman and Rachel Shankman, a subcommittee was formed to research an appropriate memorial and to gather the names and countries of origin of all known Memphis Holocaust survivors. After months of work, the subcommittee commissioned Memphis-area artist Brian Russell to create a glass sculpture with the names and origin countries of all Memphis survivors etched into the glass. A quote from Nina is etched in as well. 


The sculpture, and accompanying donor recognition plaque, are on display in the lobby of the Memphis Jewish Community Center, near the Holocaust Torah scroll and Yom HaShoah candelabra. 


For more information, contact Bluma Zuckerbrot-Finkelstein at or (901) 767-7100. 


Memphis Holocaust Survivors


Federation is utilizing the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum’s definition of “Holocaust survivor” which includes anyone who fled their homes as a result of Nazi persecution and/or occupation.

Ernest Lauchheimer Adler – Germany
Herta Arfeld Adler  - Germany
Justin Hans Adler  - Germany
Liesel Berg Adler – Germany
Steve Adler – Romania
Isidor Badrian – Poland
Aron Bankier – Poland
Henry Bard – Poland
Blima Beck - Romania
Gilbert Beck  - Romania
Fayna Berestetskaya – Russia 
Max Binder – Poland
Sally Binder  - Poland
Galina Birg – Russia
Mark Blank – Ukraine
Clark Blatteis – Germany
Ernst Blatteis – Poland
Gerda Blatteis – Germany
Peter Martin Bohm-- Germany
Sam Borenstein – Poland
Bert Bornblum – Poland
David Bornblum  - Poland
Olga Borochina – Ukraine
Anna Bozina – Russia
Yefim Brodskiy - Russia
Boris Brodsky – Russia
Rosa Brodsky – Russia
Hugo Buxbaum—Germany
Edith Buxbaum-- Germany
Betty Chaban – Belgium
Charles Jack Chaban - Belgium
Mina Chern – Poland
Max Cherny  - Poland
Mary  Cherny – Poland
Albert Abraham Cohen  - Greece
Jack Yitzchak Cohen – Greece 
Mario Ephraim Cohen - Greece
Mary Miriam Cohen  - Greece
Eric H. Cornell – Germany
Helga Robins Cornell – Germany
Henrietta Diament  - Poland
Stefan Diament  - Poland
Karl Diamond – Poland
Ruth Diamond – Poland
Eleanor Ehrlich  - Germany
Sula Eisen – Poland
Lieselott Esser  - Germany
Joseph Exelbierd – Poland
Rachel Exelbierd – Poland
Eli Feinberg – Poland
Esther Feinberg – Poland
Rita Feldbaum – Russia
Samuel Feldbaum – Poland
Maria Futernik - Russia
Belle Gerlicki  - Belgium
Israel Gerlicki – Belgium
Tobi Kamor Gerson – Poland
Yelena Gindina – Russia
Dr. Heinrich Glaser—Germany
Betty Glaser-- Germany
Vladimir Gohkberg – Russia
Abraham Gontownik  - Poland
Zina Gontownik – Poland
Hirsch Gornicki - Poland
Alfred Gruen  - Germany
Irma Gruen  - Germany
Frederika Halski – Poland
Leon Halski – Poland
Michael Halski – Poland​


Abram Hamburger—Germany
Zeisel Hamburger—Germany
Paula Hamburger-- Germany
Joseph Hanover—Poland
Cirla Hanover—Poland
Manfred Hohenemser—Germany
Richard Hower—Germany
Hedwig Hower-- Germany
Hans Jagendorf – Austria
Madaleine Jagendorf – Austria
Henryk Jarzombek-- Germany
Abe Kalmowicz – Poland
Mike Kalmowicz – Poland
Israel Kamin – Poland
Manuel Kamor – Poland
Frieda Kaplan - Latvia
Max Kaplan – Poland
Chaje Libe Kaplan—Lithuania
Isaac Kaplan—Lithuania
Abraham Kaplan—Lithuania
Herman Kaplan—Lithuania
Paula Strauss Kaplan-- Germany
Dr. Victor Kassel—Germany
Trude Kassel-- Germany
Mikhail Kats - Russia
Sofiya Kats - Russia
Morris Katz – Poland
Nina Katz  - Poland
Faina Kaznachey - Russia
Yefim Kaznachey - Russia
Mayer Kelman – Poland
Paula Kelman – Poland
Boris Khazanov - Russia
Helen Kibel  - Poland
Morris Kibel  - Poland
Isaac Kibel – Poland
Jeannete Kibel – Poland
Ida Kilstein – Poland
Jacob Kilstein – Poland
Bela Kivelewitz - Ukraine
Mayer Kivelewitz – Poland
Joe Kolni – Poland
Warren Kramer - Germany
Jacob Kreymerman – Poland
Daniel Krumer – Russia
Esther Kuszel – Poland
Hyman Kuszel – Poland
Chaim Kuzin – Poland
Adolph Lauchheimer – Germany
Ida Adler Lauchheimer – Germany
Leon Leder--Belgium
Issak Lenchik – Russia
Raisa Lenchik – Russia
Henry Levy – Germany
Irma Levy  - Germany
Julius Joseph Levy – Germany
Ludwig Levy – Germany
Matilda Adler Levy – Germany
Nicole Lewis – Belgium
Fay Lipkowitz – Poland
Morris Lipow  - Poland
Nechama Lipow  - Lithuania
Chaim Loterstein – Poland
Miriam Loterstein – Poland
Nessy Marks – Lithuania
Richard Markus—Germany
Erna Markus—Germany
Ilse Markus-- Germany
Rabbi Joseph Mordecai Marton  - Czechoslovakia​


Rose Wiesel Marton – Czechoslovakia
Ernest Mayer-- Germany
Yelena Mazor - Russia
Mary Meinbach – Poland
Matilde Menkel – Germany
Werner Michel – Germany
Roman Mitelman – Belarus
Yakov Muchnik – Russia
Yakov Naroditsky
Joseph Nash – Poland
Herman Nathan – Germany
Mathilde Nathan – Germany
Max Notowitz – Poland
Jacob Oks  - Poland
Reva Oks – Poland
Sarra Patskin - Russia
Jeanine Paul – France
Fanny T Pearl - Germany
Sig D Pearl – Germany
Ida Peselis – Russia
Dr. Ernest Pincus—Poland
Kate Pincus--Germany
Maria Podgorny – Russia
Maria Poliak - Russia
Sofya Prilutskaya – Russia
Susanna Prober – Russia
Murray Riss – Holland
Axel Robins – Germany
Ed Robbins  - Romania
Evelyn Robbins  - Romania
William Robbins  - Romania
Jacob Rosenberg—Poland
Regina Rosenberg—Poland
Bernhard Rosenberg—Poland
Rabbi Joseph Rosenberg—Poland
Judith Rosenberg—Poland
Sidney Rosenberg—Poland
Abraham Rosenberg -  Poland
Jacob Rotholz - Poland
Nora Pearl Rothschild – Germany
Aileen Chaban Ruben - Belgium
David Rubenstein – Poland
Chava Rubenstein – Poland
Herman Rubenstein – Poland
Channah Rubenstein – Poland
Paul Rubenstein – Poland
Philip Rubenstein – Poland
Froim Rubenstein—Poland
Shaindel Rubenstein-- Poland
Tsily Sadetsky – Russia
Friderica Saharovici – Romania
Leonid Saharovici - Romania
Sara Saharovici - Romania
Liliane Samuel – France
Yuna Sappozhnikov – Russia
Arthur Sauerbrunn – Poland
Bertel Sauerbrunn – Germany
Ella Savranskaya – Russia
Alexandr Savranskiy – Ukraine
Sarah Schachter - Czechoslovakia
Lazar Schachter - Czechoslovakia
Gertrude Schlanger – Czechoslovakia
Dr. Herbert Pierre Secher - Austria
Emilia Shapiro - Russia
Jake Sharp  - Poland
Paula Sharp   - Poland
Israel Shefsky  - Poland
Joseph Shefsky  - Poland
Molly Shefsky - Lithuania​


Oscar Shefsky – Poland
Edith Shore – Germany
Eric Shore – Germany
Dina Shusterman
Andrew Sigel – Yugoslavia
Erika Sigel – Czechoslovakia
Ella Silber - Lithuania
Kalman Silber – Lithuania
Leo Silverstein – Poland
Werner Simon—Germany
Abe Singer – Poland
Toby Singer – Poland
Paula Stein - Poland
Solomon Stein – Lithuania
Moses Stein—Poland
Leona Stein—Poland
Rachel Stein—Poland
Henry Stein—Poland
Irma Levy Sternberger – Germany
Hilton Stone – Poland
Josef Strauss—Germany
Elsa Strauss—Germany
Sucher Szyjevitz – Poland 
Petr Taranshchansky – Russia
Yelena Taranshchansky – Russia
Josephine Tarschis - Germany
Raisa Terk  - Russia
Abraham Thaler—Poland
Genia Thaler-- Poland
Alla Tsporkis – Russia
Rifka Uchnast—Poland
Jacob Uchnast-- Poland
Lena Vaysbukh – Russia
Nella Veksler – Russia
Abram Voin  - Russia
Fanya Voloshina – Russia
Isidor Wachter – Germany
Moritz Wachter – Germany
Minna Waksberg – Poland
Simon Waksberg – Poland
Leo Wald - Poland
Anna Walley – Poland
Curtis Ward – Germany
Heidi Ward – Germany
Kurt Weil – Germany
Hirsch Weil—Germany
Rachela Weil—Germany
Eli Weil—Germany
Jack Weil—Germany
Dora Weinryb – Poland
Paul Weinryb – Poland
Freida Weinreich - Poland
Sam Weinreich – Poland
Teddy Weinstein-- Poland
Hanna Weis—Germany
Erwin Weis—Germany
Louis Welner – Poland
Michel Werner-- France
Ted Winestone – Poland
Sara Wlodawski  - Russia
Herschel Wlodawski  - Poland
Anna Wollner - Transylvania
Imre Wollner - Hungary
Anna Zelikova – Russia
Jack Zwirz  - Poland
Rosa Zwirz – Poland
George Zwirz - Poland​